PARAGON Workshops
Leading the Best and Brightest - The Path to the Perfect Legacy Experience

PARAGON - Leadership Training

April 19 or June 6, 2016
8:00am - 12:00pm

Cost: $25

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PARAGON Class Description:

            A Paragon is a perfect diamond.  Flawless.  Large.  Amazing.  Rare.   
The front line team in Ozark Mountain Country holds the power of reflecting the best and brightest aspects of our area’s experience.  Each associate holds the ability to write a perfect, flawless, large, amazing, rare gem of a story with each and every guest.  But it takes strong leadership to focus actions and coach intentions each day so those stories produce repeatable and referable visits.  Leadership is an ever-evolving skill based on life-long learning and the willingness to let in new thoughts for contemporary as well as proven techniques.

The Core Values of our Ozark Mountain Legacy Statement:  Family, Faith, Friends, Flag and Future each have deliverable experiences associated with them.  As OMC Leaders we purposefully model, coach and celebrate these deliverable behaviors so our front-line associates have the perfect stage on which to shine their own skills. 

Leaders attending PARAGON will understand the learning points from FACETS and how to help polish those skills within their own organization.  We will focus on pulling up positive behavior and setting it in the perfect light for all to see and duplicate.  Also within this day-long learning retreat leaders will:
       1.  study the skills necessary to lead experience creation not just task completion.
       2.  understand the significance of leading self first before leading others.
       3.  identify how to establish goals through effective communication and focus.
       4.  capture the power of “internal marketing.” 
       5.  learn how to use the LEGACY acronym to achieve monumental results.
       6.  explore the concept of “Every Leader Has a Brand.”
       7.  discover the difference between a leader and a legacy leader.

The full day learning quest promises high engagement, workshop opportunities for collaboration, self-reflection and action planning time and a shot in the arm for leaders of all levels of experience. 

The leader is a jeweler.  In his or her safe are all sizes, shapes and qualities of diamonds.  But each has an element of brilliance and beauty to it and together all are magnificent.  It is the leaders job to bring the best aspects of each to life and let it shine. 

In THE PATH TO PARAGON we will bond together to share the best practices of guest-experience leadership.  We bend our minds in the positive direction…looking for the best facet within each contributor. 


Legacy is our best “tool” to
maintain and enhance
Ozark Mountain Country's
family friendly culture.

Legacy University has much to
offer participants.   Your
speakers are humorous,
informative, and inspiring.

Jack Herschend
Co-Owner and Founder of
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